National Movement No bribery! I do not bribe or accept bribes”


Vision: Liquidation of bribery as a phenomenon through the personal example of individual citizens of Ukraine.


Mission of the movement:  Involvement of a maximum number of Ukrainian citizens who neither bribe nor accept bribes in their personal and professional lives, as well as the promotion of this idea among the general population.


Goals of the Movement:

-         Involve as many Ukrainian citizens in the Movement as possible.

-         Detect and counteract bribery and corruption as phenomena at various social and professional levels.

-         Raise awareness about the harmful consequences of bribery and corruption.

-         Engage public figures and potential partners to the Movement.


Long-term goals (10 years):

-         Engage over a million members and over a hundred civil organizations.

-         Improve the corruption index of Ukraine by 100 points  (currently 144th place)

-         Promote the Movement as a popular trend and strengthen the sense of pride and commitment to the idea of the movement.

-         Create effective mechanisms for counteracting bribery and corruption in all spheres of public life (judiciary system, law enforcement, health care, education, state procurements, administrative and licensing/certification services, political system, etc.)


Short-term goals (up to 2 years):

-         Establish working teams of the Movement

-         Develop articles of association for the Movement

-         Develop PR campaign for the Movement

-         Ensure media support of the Movement

-         Introduce the Movement to all regions of Ukraine

-         Get involved with 50 partner organizations of the Movement

-         Establish regional teams of the Movement

-         Establish focus teams of the Movement

-         Organize nationwide conferences, round tables, seminars, etc.

-         Engage public figures in the Movement

-         Create and develop relevant social advertising about the Movement

-         Create viral video materials about the Movement and broadcast them via TV and social networks



Charitable and Volunteer Assistance for the Movement


The movement “No bribery!  I do not give or accept bribes” was created with a goal of overcoming as much of the bribery that takes place in Ukraine as possible.

Your charitable contributions support our work to build Ukraine as a state without bribery that values the rights and freedoms of citizens. You can make a donation to our common cause.

Any contributions to the Movement are spent on preparation of informational materials, printing of Declarations Against Bribery, any possible expenses for traveling across Ukraine to spread awareness of the movement, for the production of printed materials, and the placing of various advertisements.

If you would like to help the work of our organization, you are always welcome to make a donation.

1.    Bank Transfer:

               To PrivatBank card: 5584 2426 0122 5494

               Directly to Bank Account:

               р/р 26000052629904

               ОКПО 39348747


              Please include a note designating the funds to: Charitable contribution for the work of the organization.

2.    Cash donation:

Are you interested in supporting our activities, but don’t have time to go to the bank?  You are welcome to give your donation in the form of cash.

In order to meet with one of our activists or arrange to give your donation in a different form, please write to us via e-mail: 

Our Movement is in need of volunteers in the following areas:

- Design volunteer (creating infographics, stickers, motivational materials, etc.);

- Volunteer attorney (the study of law in terms of promoting bribery; writing analysis);

- Volunteer Project Manager for the Movement (organization of events);

- Fundraiser Volunteer (to find financial partners);

- Volunteer to work with government officials.

If you would like to become part of the movement as a volunteer, please e-mail us: 




Head of Movement

Sergiy Gula

+38097 5839 778