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The Revolution of Dignity is not over - it continues! We have hundreds of honest people!

Ukraine has a future!

We have a generous and kind people, worthy young vibrant civil society and yes - we have people who are willing to give up bribery! Whether giving or taking bribes in their personal and professional lives!

More than 1,200 people from all over Ukraine from a wide variety of professions signed the "no bribes!" Declaration and are involved with the National Movement "No bribery! I do not give or take bribes".

Obviously, this is not easy. Especially when you live in an environment where almost all are steeped in bribery: traffic police, courts, prosecutors, medicine, education, administrative services...

For the majority of people protesting against the system is a serious challenge in life... And often, we say that it is easier to "go along and get along"... But bribery and corruption have  bitter fruit! Due to bribes of traffic cops people die on the roads. Officials mock citizens and refuse to give necessary permissions. Doctors mutilate patients because of their lack of professionalism or corruption. Teachers give out "A" grades for pay - so we are subject to a learned judge who condemns an innocent man. Because it is for many "easier", our country continues to flounder without reaching the level of civilized wealthy countries.

Yet, in this environment, there are over 1,200 caring and conscientious Ukrainians! More than a thousand of our citizens today said: "We want and will change our country - we live here and so do our children, and we care! We will not give or take bribes!" Here are the heroes! These are people who challenged the system, called it evil, and challenge lies!

After the presentation of our Movement in ten regions of our country, we've seen open hearts seeking changes to build a just society! A society which actively opposes corrupt authorities and ordinary citizens who do not give bribes.

We have seen a "No Bribes!" Declaration signed by such people as Levko Lukyanenko, Viktor Pavlik, Bogdan Hawrylyshyn, Andrew Orchard, Mustafa Haem, Pavel Sheremet and other famous people of our country.

There is no doubt that in this joint action we beat corruption and bribery in Ukraine! 

Dear friends, get involved in the Movement "No bribery! I do not give and do not take bribes" by signing the Declaration "no bribes!" - and yes, we will do our best for Ukraine!

Moving forward! We have a goal - a million Ukrainians in five to seven years will not give or take bribes. Together we will change our country, building a virtuous and decent society!

Sergiy Gula

Head of National Movement

I do not give and do not take bribes"

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