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My university - the territory without bribery’

On Thursday, September 10, 2015 at 9.00. the students flash mob ‘My university - the territory without bribery’ was staged at the Independence Square in Kyiv.

According to the Transparency International Ukraine was measured as the most corrupted country in Europe.

Ukraine citizens face bribery in all spheres of  life: administration,  justice, medicine,  education, etc. A lot of experts say that corruption in Ukraine  is  very complicated social cause.

In the last academic year the non-government organization “Ni habarnuctvy!” (No bribery!) investigated that to give and take bribery is a typical situation for 65% of our educational establishments.

“One of the effective ways to solve the problem is active and conscious students who will show the example, - says Sergiy Gula, the head of the movement “Ni habarnuctvy!”. We start a project ‘My university - the territory without bribery!’ that will help students to create anti-corruption groups at their universities and fight bribing schemes.

The students from different higher educational establishments took the oath that they will not give bribery to get grades and will oppose the corruption at their schools. There were used a variety of means to say no to bribery: the anti-corruption info-graphic, the Anti-corruption Declaration and ‘Anti-bribery Hryvna’ that has been distributed during the flash mob.

Participants also signed the Anti-corruption Declaration and professional actors prepared a stage performance.

(Students, civic organizations activists and teachers were welcome to come.)


NGO Ni habarnyctvu! www.nihabarnyctvu.org.ua

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