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“Bribe-free MP” Project Launched in Ukraine

An informational press conference took place on Thursday, September 25th, 2014, at the informational agency “Interfax,” at which experts and civil activists presented the new civil project “Bribe-free MP,” which aims to prevent political corruption.

Political corruption in Parliament has become perhaps the foremost cause of institutionalized corruption schemes, low-quality legislation, and illegal redistribution of property.

Many current Parliament candidates, like their predecessors, are speaking about the fight against corruption in their pre-election programs and appearances.  In reality, however, many of them see it as their main task to gain personal enrichment through various corruption schemes, or accept bribes in order to vote for “necessary” laws.

In order to keep bribed candidates from coming to power in Parliament, the experts talk about a few necessary conditions that are practical for Ukraine following the Revolution of Dignity.

There are independent supervisory bodies all over the world that use practical means to fight against bribery in the higher levels of government.

No legislative, administrative or any other measure aimed at combating corruption can be effective without political freedom at all levels of power and the honest intentions of top management. We are talking about a single policy, which would include a set of measures of a political, economic, social and legal nature:

Civil control in an open atmosphere and public coverage of solved cases are the next important steps in changing the climate of corruption;

Judiciary independence, which has never before existed in Ukraine;

Strict accountability of the government to the people before a truly independent body, which will monitor the “cleanliness” of public servants.  It will have the authority and responsibility of holding officials at any level accountable.

According to Serhiy Gula, head of the civil organization, the main task of the project “Bribe-free MP” is to clear Parliament of political bribery and to establish civil control over the activities of MPs.

The draft stipulates that each MP candidate will be asked to sign the Declaration of Anti-bribery, which is a personal commitment to not take or accept bribes in both his or her professional and private life. According to the concept of the project, MP candidates who do not sign the Declaration of Anti-bribery will receive the "honorary" title "spineless MP."

Sergey Gula said, "This is the first step towards establishing the integrity of our deputies. Our NGO will do everything we can to continue to monitor the observance of obligations undertaken by MPs and minimize the risk of political corruption. "

"After everything we’ve experienced during the war in the east, for MPs to continue to take bribes is a crime against their own people.  Following the Revolution of Dignity, when citizens revolted against corruption, Ukraine has changed and continues to change. But realize that's not all, " said Alexei Khmara, CEO of Transparency International Ukraine.  According to him, Ukraine won the chance to build a new life and receive a new parliament at a heavy price.  MPs who take bribes betray Ukraine and give up this chance.

"We need a radical and fundamental change.  A change of consciousness.  The more ordinary people and politicians have moral protection against bribery, the fairer and more humane our country will become. The signing of this document of anti-bribery is a symbolic gesture that shows a person's desire to work honestly and independently of the thoughts of oligarchs.  Those who do not sign demonstrate that they are willing to work under the standards of Yanukovych's administration," said Alexander Yurakov, Chairman of the Civic Movement "Together."

Project Organizer: NGO “No Bribery!  I do not give or accept bribes”


Director of the project “Bribe-free MP”

Serhiy Gula



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